Lincoln City and Devil’s Punchbowl

On a cloudy Saturday morning in early April, we left Portland for the coastal town of Lincoln City. We explored the beaches there that night and the next morning.


04What makes Lincoln City so unique to us were the countless tree trunks and stumps that had washed ashore over the Winter.  On this beach families were gathering and cooking out using the the drift wood as fuel.  Some people had even built small, driftwood huts or a “Lincoln City sand castle”.



On Sunday, the clouds yielded to what turned into perfect weather.  We went further down the coast to look for whales and visit Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area.  We didn’t see any whales but there was no shortage of breathtaking views and quaint seaside towns along the way.



I was surprised at the size of the punchbowl.  The formations were like a maritime version of the arches of southern Utah.



We found a path down to the beach and spent at least an hour exploring the rocks, anemones, mussels, seaweed, and starfish.



It’s amazing just how many scenic areas there are a long the coast and to think we’ve not even seen half.


Snowshoeing & Sledding at Mt Hood

Finally, after more just about two months in Portland, we made our way up to Mt Hood for a bout of playing in the snow. Again, we were taken out by our friends and kindred spirits from Atlanta, Jarrett and Rey!


This was their second time here so they were showing us the ropes. We rented some snowshoes at a local shop and parked in a freshly plowed parking lot near an open meadow.


Of course, there was no grass in this meadow at this time of year.  What a sight!


We got to shoe’in as the puffy white flakes came down around us. Then we got to Sled’in.


Something about the texture created by the trees and snow together…


This place is beautiful! I could stay here forever… with warm clothes that is.



Agates & Cheese on the Oregon Coast

Last Sunday we decided to take a trip to the coast to see Cape Meares and to visit the Tillamook Cheese factory along the way.


Tillamook Cheese prides itself on being a local company that is farmer owned.


We watched orange blocks of heavenly delight get sliced, inspected, and sealed into bags as they rolled down tracks.  Then, of course, we brought home blocks of cheese from the gift store.


On the way to Cape Meares we passed through the town of Oceanside and pulled over to explore the beach.


The experience is nothing like the beaches in Florida and it’s quite breathtaking.

While we were there we saw a crowd picking through the rocks as the tides came in and out. They were hunting for agates!  We stopped for a bit to see if we could find some for ourselves and soon had our own little collection.


Cape Meares features a beautiful state park with rocky ocean views and Sitka Spruce forest with short hikes.  One particular tree, named the Octopus tree, was quite impressive.



Huge-mongeous trees!


And I grew hair!


Ok… I’m just being silly.  Well, that’s all for this time!

8 Waterfall in 7 miles!

Today we finally went on our first hike since we arrived in Portland. We also made some new friends through a mutual friend who were nice enough to take us to Silver Falls State Park!  This is known as the “crown jewel” as far as Oregon state parks go because it features a whopping 10 waterfalls all within a 7.2 mile trail!


The park is less than 1.5 hours south east of Portland and is a fine example of a Cascadian forest with Douglas Firs, ferns, and a carpet of moss on just about everything.




I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of PNW aesthetic. So beautiful! Ok, now on to some waterfalls.


These guys are massive!


Where is all this water coming from?!



How are there this many waterfalls so close together?!


Unfortunately, one of the trails was closed, so we only saw 8 of the 10 but that gives us a reason to come back. The last one, South Falls, was probably my favorite so I’ll wrap up today’s post with photos of that.



The path behind the waterfall was a lot of fun too.




Wow, what a good first hike. Special thanks to Jarrett, Rey, and Dañell.