Portland Winter Light Festival


The Portland Winter Light Festival is an annual event that started in 2016 in which artist display lighted pieces of art for attendees to view and often even interact with. We went on a rainy Friday and had a lot of fun. Since it’s a free event and it was close enough to our home to walk to, we had spent a grand total of $0 (but you are encouraged to donate if you’re able).  It rained steadily the whole night but we were prepared with our rain jackets and didn’t let that stop us from enjoying the sights.

Almost all of the exhibits featured lights that changed colors, flashed, or danced around in some way.  Some of them detected your movement, touch, or sound and reacted.



One of my favorite things was the “aliens” who walked (or wheeled) around in their plastic costumes speaking to each other with foreign noises.



The event was held at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the walkway along the Willamette river, and the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.  Even the trains were decked out in lights!



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