Day 8: We’re Home!

We woke up early on our final day to get an early start. While we only would be driving for about 6.5 hours to get to Portland, we needed to be at our new apartment before the office closed to get our keys.  We also wanted to build in extra time in case of weather delays from the snow and ice that had struck Northwest Oregon and caused road closures and stranded cards.  While it had been a couple days since the storm hit we could still see advisories on including some areas where we were being advised to carry snow chains.

As we drove north into the Cascade region California continued to impress us with views of snow capped mountains.  We were firmly into the PNW now! Being surrounded by Douglas Firs just makes me so happy for some reason.


Oregon greeted us with a blanket of snow even. Sorry for all the car pics as we didn’t have to time to stop and take photos. Plus we were good and ready to be off the road.



We lucked out and didn’t find any icy roads until we got to Portland and our apartment is just a few turns off of the interstate.  We go in, got the keys and a tour of our new place. It’s just as nice as we had hoped and are quite pleased.  Now we just have to wait for our furniture and belonging to get here…

Well, this concludes our road trip from ATL to PDX but we plan on updating the blog with more stories of Portland and other trips we take all over the West, and hopefully the world. We’re just getting started!


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