Day 6: Los Angeles


On Day 6, we left Barstow, a desert town in Southern California, for LA. We knew we were getting close when a dense smog dimmed our view of the valley as we made it through a chain of mountains. We were really surprised to see how thick it was.


We thought we would start by seeing Long Beach in memory of Amy’s brother.  Even though it was Dec 14th, the temperature was high 60’s to low 70’s.  Maggie really loved Rosie’s Dog Beach and ran around we me like a crazed animal.


Next we went to Beverly Hills and to see the Hollywood sign (yaaaaay we’re such tourist!). After sitting in lots of traffic I decided to detour up a windy residential road and am very glad I did.  McMansions practically built on top of one another all the way up.  And the view of the city was awesome, save for the smog of course.



After that we stopped at a highly rated taco stand for the LA street food experience.  They served up some of the cheapest and best tacos I’ve had yet.


And, of course, the Hollywood sign.


Next up, we head North to El Matador State Park.


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