Day 5: Traveling Taking it’s Toll

I just wanted to write a little about traveling on the road.  It’s tiring!  Being in a cramped car for 8-10 hours a day, and driving for half or more of that will wear you down.  Your eyes, back, shoulders, arms, etc., will complain.  I’m starting to really feel it on Day 4 and 5.  The hotels don’t help either.  We have opted to stay at budget hotels to keep our cost down and have been relying on Super 8 since that has been recommended to us by a friend.  They are very basic, food is bleh, and you’re not guaranteed to have shampoo so bringing our own as backup has been important.  The worse thing about them though has been the inward facing rooms in the states where cigarette smoking is still allowed in some rooms.  The smoke smell creeps in under your door.  I have run the room fan and covered the door gap with towels to combat this which makes a big difference.  We may have to splurge one or two nights and stay in a nicer place for the sake of our morale. But, for the most part, the chain does seem to have clean rooms that are fairly safe.  The price is good, and almost all of them allow dogs for a small fee.  C’est la vie!


One thought on “Day 5: Traveling Taking it’s Toll

  1. Gary

    Having spend 20 plus years on the road you are absolutely right. Not quite so glamorous as it is made to seem. Was always glad to get back home to my own bed with my wife.


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