Day 3: San Antonio & West Texas

Today we made our way to San Antonio for lunch at the Riverwalk!  The Riverwalk is a very cool development that’s part park, and part commercial center featuring a man made river in downtown San Antonio just a few blocks from the Alamo.  The river is bounded on either side by landscaped sidewalks, restaurants, shops, and hotels. You can also take a gondola ride along it if desired. We obliged ourselves to some Mexican food on a patio overlooking the river after walking the length of the park.


We walked to the Alamo after lunch. We had Maggie with us so we didn’t go in but we did walk around it.  If your curious about the Alamo you should definitely read up about it on Wikipedia.


After that we drove to a small desert town in West Texas called Van Horn where we called it quits for the day.  We covered a lot of ground on day 3 driving almost the entire length of Texas, 649 miles in 9 hours.



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