Moving Day & Day 1

I’m writing this on Friday night from a hotel room in Montgomery Alabama after we’ve made the first (small) stretch of our journey.  We have been too busy to post until now. Thursday was moving day.  We had most everything boxed up and the storage containers arrived at noon (actually a little early, thanks U-Haul!) and I gotta say, I’m fairly impressed with the U-Box service so far.  I knew that the containers would be wooden as I’ve read online, unlike some of their competitors, but they actually seem pretty good.


They arrived on a flatbed truck with a fork lift attached the back.  The driver pops out and drops them off wherever you want.  Our driver was awesome and gave us her direct number so we could contact her as we pleased.  She also asked what time we wanted them picked up and offered to pick up later that day or the next morning.  Very flexible!


One thing I found annoying was the lack of communication and details when you reserve the containers but this is made up for by the flexibility. We asked to have them to be picked up at 10:00 AM Friday thinking that we would be done Thursday night.  Well, we were wrong!


We couldn’t have gotten them packed any sooner than 10:00 am.  Our driver called and said she was on her way and would be there by 11:30.  Phew!

As for packing them, you definitely want to take your time and think about how you pack the containers.  Feel free to message me if you have questions.  Or maybe I’ll do another post about packing them later.

Well, that’s it!  After cleaning, taking stuff to Goodwill, and shipping a couple boxes of stuff we realized wouldn’t fit in our car, we were finally off!


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